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1.   What is the difference between professional rigid and economy rigid?


  • Price and quality
  • Professional rigid is a much more high-quality material with a stickier glue; meaning the product sticks and stays on better.
  • Economy version is great value with a lower grade material that is not as sticky (adhesive).
2.   What size rigid tape should I use?


Our rigid tape comes in 3 sizes; 25mm / 38mm / 50mm.

  • 25mm - The most popular finger version; used by both men and women
  • 38mm -  Ankle tape
  • 50mm - Knees and shoulders
3.   What is the difference between hand tearable and elastic adhesive bandage?


  • In difference states different terms are used for these.

Hand Tearable

  • Hand tearable is as described; can be “torn” and has a stretchy fibre.
  • Hand tearable is used in all areas to support with more flexibility than E.A.B.

E.A.B (Elastic Adhesive Bangage)

  • E.A.B is a firmer bind, stretching less and can only be cut with scissors.
  • E.A.B is generally used to support rigid tape in the knee and shoulder area giving a stronger support.
4.   What do I do if I am allergic to the tape?


Generally, it is the glue that causes most irritation due to the zinc oxide used.

Victor Sports has a Hypoallergenic 38mm tape

You can also use FIX50 and FIX100 which is applied to the skin under any form of tape preventing any irritation that may be caused.



If you have any further enquires please call the office on 1300 310 114 or email and we will gladly assist.


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